People are our greatest resource, but that’s not all they are of course!

If you check out our page on What We Believe, you will find that we believe that the church is flat. In other words, what Jesus began in the first century┬áhad a flat structure (if it had any structure), with only one head – Jesus!

The church is not meant to have an organisational structure with a hierarchy of leadership offices. Rather, there are people within the church whose particular way of being a gift to the body is to fullfil certain tasks and functions.

Here is a list of just a very few of those people with functions. They are listed for the benefit of those with a more traditional view of the church who need to know who is the most appropriate person to contact for a particular purpose:

Malcolm and Diana Dow – called pastors in the old system, and recognised and accredited as such by the Baptist Union of Victoria. Malcolm provides much of the teaching, visioning, and oversite for the body. Diana is also a teacher, but in addition provides a lot of pastoral care and administrative support. They both provide direction and healing prayer ministry at the Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, where Diana is also supervises the volunteer staff and is the contact for appointments.

Arthur Donohue – provides administrative support, property management skills, transport, friendship ministry, and a beautiful singing voice.

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