There are many resources that are helpful for growth in living as followers of Jesus. Many are available on websites, and we will list them in our Links and Blogs section. This will include the many podcasts we enjoy while travelling.

Beth Tephillah Ministries has an extensive teaching ministry, and most of the  material eventually appears on websites, listed in our Websites section, but also on this website on our Teaching pages.

There are also many good books, videos and audios available, and more are being produced all the time. The best of these we will review in our Book Reviews section, and provide details of how they may be obtained. Many books, videos and audios are most easily obtained from, the world’s biggest online bookshop, and we will often provide links to their website. If you buy through those links, please be aware that we will receive a small commission which helps us to maintain this and other websites in the Roaring Mouse Network. This does not increase the price you pay for your purchase. Even if you don’t buy from Amazon, we still recommend a visit as they provide a great deal of useful and interesting information and reviews about books, DVDs and CDs and their authors.

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  1. Arlene Jackson says:

    Want to know when you are having your next Seminar on D.I.D in Christians? I live in Plainfield,NJ (USA)

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