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Know Your Bible

KYB stands for Know Your Bible. The first studies were prepared in 1972 by Christian Women Communicating International. This Australian non-denominational ministry of women to women now prints four KYB studies each year. The studies are also translated into over 30 languages and used in 70 countries. Questions are set around a daily Bible reading and are answered at home. They encourage women to search and study God’s word for themselves and then meet with others to share what they have found. Mixed groups and men only groups are now using KYB material too.

¬†Meeting fortnightly in Williamstown since 1977, scores of women from many churches and some with no church affiliation have discovered the relevance of God’s word for daily life. Discussing the answers together when we meet on a Thursday morning or evening is a lot of fun and we learn such a lot from each other too. Diana pulls together all the thoughts with a summary at the end.

KYB is open to all who desire to know more of God’s word to help them with life at home, work, and in the community, so that their lives can count more for Him. Each term (approx. 9 weeks) a book from the Bible or part of it is studied. God is alive and active through His word. The Holy Spirit in the life of each person and within the group is the teacher.

2007 was the 50th anniversary of CWCI and also the 30th anniversary of the first Know Your Bible group in the Williamstown area. There are a number of KYB groups meeting in the Western suburbs now, most of them with weekly discussion groups.

The 2 fortnightly groups in Williamstown will be doing¬†John’s Letters, then Isaiah Part 1, a 10 lesson study, beginning on Thursday 28th April with a 10 am coffee morning or 7.45 pm coffee evening to introduce the study and hand out books which cost $7.50. These need to be pre-ordered. The studies take place in school term times each fortnight from April to September. A 6 lesson study of James will conclude the year.

Isaiah Part 2 will be studied in the first term of 2012.

Contact Diana for full details.

Some quotes:

“I’m so glad I found KYB. I don’t know where my life would be now if I hadn’t.”

“I like the studies as they help me keep up with Bible reading. With my busy life I can get a bit slack. They keep reminding me of what Jesus did by dying on the cross and how much God loves me.”

“I had never really understood that the Holy Spirit was a person before this study. He has become so much more real in my life. I can look back and see how He has been with me, guiding me through big events and every day occurrences. He is bringing me closer to Father God and Jesus every day.”

“I just love listening to the answers the other ladies have and the wonderful friendships and support.”

The Thursday morning group meets between 10 – 11.30 a.m. at “Beth Tephillah” 55 Park Crescent, Williamstown.

Our evening group meets on Thursdays between 7.45-9.30 p.m. in a private home.

KYB can now be done by men or mixed groups. For more information visit the CWCI in Australia Inc. website at for information about KYBTOO.

If you would like to discuss KYB with me (Diana) you can contact me at

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