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  1. michaelbeardkim says:

    We are interested in seminars or information on training how to minister to DID

  2. Diana Dow says:

    Dear Michael
    We missed checking this. We have no plans to conduct the one day seminar on dissociation. Anazao Counselling,, list their schools for 2012. We learnt much from attending their 4 weeks school in 2006. Peter Toth’s book, “The forgotten factor in healing” gives an excellent introduction to dissociation and how to minister in this area.
    Ed Smith,, has seminars in Canberra, March 12-13 and 15-16. The second seminar mentions dissociation but the first seminar is a prerequisite to the 2nd. We understand this is a different model to the Anazao one. We listened to Ed’s videos years ago but dissociation wasn’t mentioned, but these are new seminars.

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