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On being an introvert believer

Over at Intimacy with God blog I have writen about what it is like to be an introvert in an extrovert controlled culture, and how we can learn to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and function in our God-given giftings. … finish reading On being an introvert believer

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Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place

Earlier today I wrote a post about Hiding Christ from new Agers, intended for here. But, because I have too many blogs, as I discuss at MalcolmDow .com, it was posted to A Reasonable Mystic by mistake. I’m interested to … finish reading Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place

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Adams vs God – the rematch

I’ve long enjoyed listening to Phillip Adams interview interesting people on his Australian ABC’s Late Night Live program. Given that Adams is an avowed and somewhat evangelical atheist, this may seem strange. However, it is not, and I challenge any … finish reading Adams vs God – the rematch

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Are you in a Christendom political party?

Sad as it may seem, I believe that most Christians are told by their leaders which part of the theological spectrum they are part of, and generally they don’t understand what it means, nor do they often care very much. … finish reading Are you in a Christendom political party?

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Recent Beth Tephillah Ministries Seminars

The Hearing God’s Voice seminar we ran last weekend at Warrnambool was a great time. About 40 turned up for the Friday Night and all day Saturday sessions, where we taught about what it means to hear God’s voice, some … finish reading Recent Beth Tephillah Ministries Seminars

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Prayer Ministry – What’s in a Name?

Prayer Ministry – what’s in a name? Sometimes a great deal. Through Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre we come into contact with many people working and ministering in the area described variously as Christian counselling, prayer ministry, healing ministry, Theophostic ministry, … finish reading Prayer Ministry – What’s in a Name?

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