I’ve started writing a new book – The Long Tail of the Church

My new book has begun. I’m writing The Long Tail of the Church: Why the Future of the Church is in Much More of Less over at www.longtailchurch.com/book.

Based on inspiration drawn from Internet marketing books, such as Chris Anderson’s famous book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, and numerous others, it draws parallels between the new paradigms of communication, networking and business enabled by the new social media technology, and similar trends in the evolution (or is it revolution) of the church from traditional forms towards the simple, organic. house church style.

So far only a draft of the Introduction is online, but why not go over there and join the conversation as the rest of the book takes shape. True to one of the basic premises on which the book is based, online discussion and even collaboration is welcome.


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