Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place

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One Response to Keeping Christ Out of the Market Place

  1. Peter Zammit says:

    Hi Mal,
    Found some of your writings in this place. God bless you.
    You are right Jesus was where people were, in the market place, at parties, in the Temple,….at the well at midday? We should not isolate ourselves into some conclave just to keep ourselves safe. There maybe times when God isolates us for a reason. I have been reminded of how one of the E’s Elijah I think (but if it happened to one it probably happened to the other) was lead to a lonely place for a period of time to be fed by ravens.
    The conversation had with Greg reported in The Witness was a good one to have. We could all learn to take opportunities like that one in the workplace and get people thinking and challenge their views in a quiet gentle way. In the end Jesus belongs next to all men and all people and finally all will belong to him and He will be over all.
    For the time being lets put him next to anyone we can.

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