Prayer Ministry FAQ

Because of our involvement in the teaching and practice of prayer ministry or prayer counselling, we recieve questions from many people.

For example, prospective clients want to know what prayer ministry is, why we use it, and how it differs from counselling or other forms of ministry. In particular we are often asked whether we are a ‘deliverance ministry’.

Other questions relate to specific practices. Some accuse us of using New Age techniques, or claim that prayer ministry is not needed because it was “all done at the Cross”.

Yet others are interested enough to want to know how they too might become trained and get involved in prayer ministry.

To help out we have produced some Frequently Asked Questions pages over at the Prayer Ministries Network website. This is a prelude to a more extensive prayer counselling website we are building, which we will post details about when it is complete.

Why not hop over to the PMN site now and have a look?

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One Response to Prayer Ministry FAQ

  1. Tamreingam says:

    Dear family in Christ,

    I am Revd. Tamreingam from India , living in a very remote place between the Border of India and Myanmar. There are Thousands of peoples are infecting HIV/Aids. As well divorce is very common. So I am opening House of prayer by faith. We are helping on in our prayer apart from there we can do anything at all.

    I want to be a partner with you for the coming days to strengthen our ministry.If you have any question kindly ask me In Jesus name.

    His servant
    Rev. H.A.S.Tamreingam

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