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In the Decature Daily is an interesting article, Plugged into Culture,  about a blogging pastor, Rev. Dave Anderson, alias ‘moviepastor. As pastor of Crosspoint Community Church in Decatur, Alabama, he is passionate about the gospel message impacting the young online culture.

“I think the church should do everything it can to engage people long enough to present the gospel message.”

Melanie Smith, the article’s author says,

“He called himself  ‘moviepastor’ because he loves movies and views them as windows into today’s culture. He also figured the name would help drive Web users to his site.

“He said it’s one thing to write a blog, but if it’s not genuine, readers will fast turn critical and stop reading. He said people are looking for authenticity, so he doesn’t shy away from putting his pain and shortcomings in his writing. He regularly uses words like ‘freaking’ and ‘crappy’.”

 Anderson has had a number of movies posted to youTube. One about “You Did What to the Easter Bunny?” raised some eyebrows, while another about Anderson auditioning for American Idol has had 11,000 views.

Visit Dave Anderson’s Church, Culture, Christ blog.

It’s great to see more and more pastors and other church leaders beginning to blog.


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