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Why ‘Beth Tephillah’?

We often have people ask us why we called our ministry centre ‘Beth Tephillah’. When we purchased the property the Lord clearly said it was to be a house of prayer. We did some research and found out that the … finish reading Why ‘Beth Tephillah’?

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Doppler Shift

Something that interests me is the clear correlation between God’s spiritual laws, the laws controlling human relationships, and the natural laws of physics. I’ll write more on this later, but in the September 2006 issue of RadCom, the journal of … finish reading Doppler Shift

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Being Made One

Last week I had all of my parts removed. “What!” I can hear you saying. Come on – admit it, you did! One thing we learned from the Anazao seminar is that everyone has dissociate parts – not just people … finish reading Being Made One

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More on Anazao Seminar

The Anazao seminar held in July 2006 as part of our celebrating 10 years of Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre was wonderful. About 85 people were made warmly welcome by Hillview Community Church, Rowville. Peter and Heather Toth taught on how … finish reading More on Anazao Seminar

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