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I’ve just discovered a great website on open theism: It’s a very good site because it states clearly the case for open theism, it states the opposing views, it allows for input from others, and it answers readers questions. But best of all, the questions are answered by the scholars that are prominent in the debate, not just by one relatively unknown person’s opinion. Regardless of your personal position on this debate, I believe this site sets a standard for internet use that would be worth others following, and it is certainly what I aspire to for the Awakening West and Beth Tephillah sites.

Lately a number of people, usually in a friendly manner (I hope) have called me an anarchist, or a radical, when it comes to theology and church life. I have not objected to this since I agree with them. In fact I take it as a compliment. It puts me in good company – that of most of the reformers, dissenters, the Anabaptists, many of the pioneers in renewal, and Jesus in particular.

If being an anarchist means not feeling any need to bow to a traditional view even when it appears to contradict what the Bible or the Spirit is saying, then I most certainly am an anarchist! I’m not an arnarchist or a radical simply because I want to be different, nor because I have that kind of personality. In fact, those who know me best and longest will say that by nature I am shy and retiring. No, this is something I have learned to be, and the closer I get to God’s heart the more radical I seem to become. Should we be surprised at this? I want to live by truth, not convention. Don’t you?

Having just listened to Clark Pinnock describe his own ‘conversion’ or pilgrimage from fundamentalist to open theist, and seen the sometimes vehement attacks mounted upon him and his collegues, I have to admire him. Christi-anarchy (to borrow a great word from Dave Andrews – another radical) has a long tradition (so tradition is not ALL bad), and a high cost (Luke 9:23-26), but a GREAT FUTURE! (Matthew 5:10-12)

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