Simple and House Churches

Williamstown Baptist Church is committed to the vision that Jesus planted in the New testament – a worldwide, society encompassing network of small, simple, organic churches and house churches. We believe that the exponential growth of the church that began in the first century of its existence can only be resumed by this means. We wish to affirm the value of much of what has occured in church history, but we wish to also avoid continuing the mistakes.

We find ourselves in the unusual position of being a constitiuted denominational Baptist church, but functioning as a simple church. This enables us to be a bridge between the new and the old, and so we have made Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, where our core group meets available to be a resource to the simple church community, and the hub of a simple, house based network of churches. More details of our network and the resources available can be found in other parts of this website.

In our (Mal and Di’s) role as Oikos┬áRegional Team for Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, we also have contact with other simple and house churches. While many of these prefer to remain under the radar, and we respect this position and affirm its wisdom in some circumstances, there are other churches that are willing to be known, and we will list their websites here, along with other sites with useful teaching and contact information for those interested in joining or starting a simple church.

Simple Church Resource Websites:

Oikos Australia

Simple Church Directory:

Beth Tephillah Simple Church Network

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