Links and Blogs

Apart from its own website, Beth Tephillah hosts two blogs:

Beth Tephillah News,  where you can read about what’s happening at Beth Tephillah and Williamstown Baptist Church,


Mals Meanderings, where pastor Mal Dow thinks aloud in public – about Christian living and ministry, future, virtual and emerging church, theology and philosophy.

Beth Tephillah is also part of the Roaring Mouse Network, a network of other websites which focus on providing news, teaching and discussion about being a follower of Jesus in today’s world. 

Williamstown Baptist Church is a Member of Hobsons Bay Churches,  a fellowship of churches from various denominations who covenant together to support each other and to share the love of Jesus together with Hobsons Bay.

We are also linked with a large number of simple churches and house churches, through our association with Oikos, the Gathering, and contacts through our own Beth Tephillah Simple Church Network.

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