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History of Williamstown Baptist Church 1968 to 2004
Page 15: After 1968

The Centenary Celebrations, October 1968

J.M.W’s booklet, prepared for the celebration of the first 100 years of Williamstown Baptist Church, like most histories, records mainly statistical data, with little indication of the rich spiritual life of early Victorian Baptists. There is also almost nothing of the life and times of Williamstown’s early years. As facts and stories are discovered we will endeavour to record them here.

Two items of interest are available. In the rear of the centenary booklet was printed the list of church members in 1968. Five of these are still members of Williamstown Baptist Church. In fact, two of them now form the Pastoral Team, and another is the Church Administrator. The list is as follows:

PRESENT MEMBERSHIP :-1968 (Including non-resident)

1. Ambrose, Mrs. J.
2. Ambrose, Miss R.
3. Anderson, Mrs. G.
4. Arthurs, Mr. H.
5. Campbell, Miss
6. Campbell, Miss R.
7. Cleak, Miss
8. Cobbin, Mrs.
9. Donohue, Mr. A
10. Donohue, Mrs. A.-Treasurer (nee J. Richards)
11 .Dow. Mr. J.-Secretary
12. Dow, Mrs. J.
13. Dow, Miss L.
14. Dow, Mr. M.
15. Eustace, Mrs. C.
16. Gray, Mr. G.
17. Gray, Mrs. G. (nee L. Richards)
18. Green, Mr. K.
19. Green, Mrs. K. (both A.B.M.S. New Guinea)
20. Green, Mr. P.-Life D.
21. Green, Mrs. P.
22. Green, Mrs. S.-Deacon
23. Jenkins, Mrs. F.-Deaconess
24. Jenkins, Mrs. T.
25. Johnson, Mr. T.
26. Johnson, Mrs. T.
27. Kimber, Mr. R. B. -Deacon
28. Laird, Mr. G.
29. McLeod, Mrs. T.
30. Newnham, Mrs L. (nee J. Arthurs)
31. Penn, Mrs. M.
32. Robin, Mrs. G.(nee (W. Jenkins) -Deacon
33. Smith, Mrs. L. (nee P. Valentine)
34. Valentine, Mr. G. -Deacon
35. Wallace, Mrs. O.
36. Westerman, Pr. B. -Minister
37. Westerman, Mrs. B.
38. Willsher, Mrs. A. (nee H.Gillespie)
39. Wood, Mr. D.
40. Wood, Mrs. M.
41. Young, Mr. I.

The other item of interest is the invitation to the Church Centenary Celebrations, reproduced here:

Invitation to Centenary Celebrations

So, that was the first 100 years of Williamstown Baptisit Church. But, what followed? Let’s find out about The Next 100 Years.


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