1947 to 1961

History of Williamstown Baptist Church 1868 to 1968
Page 13: 1947 to 1961

18th MINISTRY—Rev. T. V. Paul—November 1947 to 28th January. 1956

Rev. T. V. Paul’s Ministry at Williamstown was his last in the service of his Lord. He and his wife endeared themselves to the members by their faithful service. In 1950 financial problems arose in the Church. This coincided with a general economic recession throughout Australia coupled with a rapid inflation and devaluation of currency. The effect of this was very marked upon the finances of the Church. The membership at this time, numbered 43. In 1951 the Church Secretary Mr. P. Green, also took on the added responsibility of the Treasurer’s position, and this continued until 1953.

The financial Position of the Church became more stable and in 1955 the Church considered the purchase of the property adjoining the Church for a manse, however, the matter was not finalised. The membership at this time had reduced to 38.

On 28th January, 1956, Mr. Paul joined his Lord after a long and faithful service.

The Church was then served until August 1956 bythe Preachers’ Society.

19th MINISTRY—Rev. W. Lowson—Sepember, 1956, to August 1957

In 1956 the Victorian Baptist Home Mission advised the Church that the Gospel Mission had indicated that they wished to retain their individual identity and therefore further approaches regarding amalgamation of the two groups would be dropped.

In the same year Mr. A. Adams was made a Life Deacon. This was the year of the staging of the Olympic Games in Melbourne.

Early 1957 saw the first visit of the great evangelist Billy Graham to Melbourne, and great benefit was obtained from his presentation of our Lord’s word.

20th MINISTRY—Rev. R. A. Helmore—September, 1957 to February 1958

This short six month period proved a great benefit to the Church in a time when it needed continuing leadership.

At the end of his period Mr. R. B. Kimber, a relatively new member of the Church, proposed to the members that they purchase a block of land at 29 Melbourne Road for the purpose of building a new Manse. They agreed and the block was purchased for £1,300.

Student Pastor, Mr. L. Wilson served from March, 1958, to December, 1959.

In March 1958, Mr. Kimber became Church Secretary relieving Mr. P. Green of one of the dual offices which he had held for seven years. Mr. Green continued as Treasurer.

Student Pastor P. Lawrence served from December 1959 to December 1960.

Student Pastor S. Stewart and Mr. Ken Green also served during 1961 as interim pastors.

At the beginning of 1961 preliminary plans were prepared for the new manse building, and on 23rd March, 1961, the Church determined with Home Mission support to build a new manse.

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