1935 to 1947

History of Williamstown Baptist Church 1868 to 1968
Page 12: 1935 to 1947

13th MINISTRY—Rev W. H. Holloway—10th March, 1935, to 3rd May, 1938.

On the 10th March, 1935, the Rev. W. Holloway was inducted into the pastorate. Mr. F. Wadds was Church Secretary/Treasurer at this time.

The Rev. W.H. Holloway, a son of a manse, stayed 3 years, and during this period, a £1,000 alteration was carried out on the Church Buildings. The stipend at this time was £5-10-0 per week.

Rev. and Mrs. W . H. Holloway attended their last service on 26th June, 1938, and afterwards transferred their membership to the East Kew Church. The Church celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 1938 by inviting back past friends.

14th MINISTRY—Rev. A. E. Blackwell—20th November, 1938, to 26th May, 1941

The Rev. G. P. Rees was appointed moderator until 20th November, 1938. A unanimous call was given to the Rev. A. E. Blackwell on 20th November, 1938, and he took up his duties on 6th December, 1938.

On 18th October, 1939, Messrs. Adams, Ferguson, Cox, MeLeod, G. Ferguson and Walton were elected Deacons. It is recorded that Mr. Walton’s nomination “was received with great iov in their hearts”.

It was in 1939 that the second world war broke out in Europe and on 7th December, 1941, the Japanese declared war on the United States of America with the bombing of Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.

Unfortunately Mr. Blackwell suffered from ill health for most of his ministry and eventually on April 4th, 1941 as he tendered his resignation and was farewelled on May ‘6th, 1941. Again the Rev. G. P. Rees acted as moderator.

15th MINISTRY—Rev. A. E. Smith—26th November, 1941, to 6th October, 1942.

This relatively short ministry was during a period when Australia and all Pacific Nations were in danger of being over-run by the Japanese war machine and he was followed in October 1942 by a brief period with the Rev. G. P. Rees acting as moderator.

16th MINISTRY—Rev. A. W. Smith—25th October, 194?, to 2nd October, 1945

Rev. A. W. Smith’s ministry occured during the closing years of the World War II when Hitler’s Germany was finally defeated and the new atomic- bomb brought the Japanese Pacific War to a sudden end.

Rev. Smith’s ministry saw a new beginning of a fund for the purchase of land for a manse.

At a meeting on 29th September, 1943, the members decided to apply the finances received from the 75th Anniversary Celebrations as follows:

That the finances received from the Anniversary Services, including the special thanks offering enve!ope and the re-union tea be set aside for the purpose of establishing a fund to be known as the “Manse Fund”.

During 1945 a tennis and cricket club were formed including some members from the Gospel Mission. Secretary Loft’s report for this year in eluded reference to 5 baptisms and the 75th Anniversary Services at which almost £200 was raised and the gradual growth at this time of all sections of the Church. The diaconate comprised Messrs. Walton, A. Adams, B. Loft, Griffiths, Jones and Green.

17th MINISTRY—Rev. E. R. Thorne—2nd December, 1945 to 10th September, 1947.

A call was given to the Rev. E, R. Thorne of Balwyn. A faithful ministry with a slowly declining membership and dwindling finances.


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