1921 to 1935

History of Williamstown Baptist Church 1868 to 1968
Page 11: 1921 to 1935

11th MINISTRY—Rev. A. W. Cooper—]2th April, 1921; to October 1923.

The Rev. A. W. Cooper was called to the Church on 12th April and stayed approximately two and a half years at the end of which he was called to the Church at Ballarat East. In 1923 a new organ was bought and an electric blower was fitted in 1924.

12th MINISTRY—Rev. S. B. Goble—22nd January 1924, to 20th January 1935.

The Rev. S. B. Goble of Hamilton was called to the ministry and stayed 11 years. He was the son of Rev. J. H. Goble at Footscray.

In 1926 Mr. S. E. Barnes the Treasurer resigned as he had removed to another area. The minutes of July 21st, 1926, records the following:

On account of removal to another suburb, Mr S. E. Barnes, resigned from the Diaconate. We view with pleasure his long association with the Church, first as a junior scholar in the School, then as its Treasurer and final rising to the office of Church Treasurer, Mr. Barnes served his country in the war 1914-18 and upon his return married Miss McLoskey, Supt. of our J.C.E.

Mr. H. M. Thompson was appointed Treasurer in his place.

Another departure around this period was that of Mr. Ogston, a supporter of the Sunday School for 30 years and Church Secretary for his last 9 years. He was removing to another area.

During the Rev. S. B. Goble’s 11 years ministry there were 4 Secretaries, and 5 Treasurers, one of whom was Mr. P. Green. In 1929-30 there came the world wide economic recession and much hardship was experienced by the people of Williamstown for several years.

In 1934 the diaconate consisted of W. McKenzie, Geo. Ferguson Jnr., Geo. Ferguson Snr., J. Lovegrove, D. Wallace.

On 30th October, 1935, Messrs. H. G. Bradshaw and W. McKenzie were made Life Deacons. On January 29th, 1935, the Sunday School and Church assembled to say farewell to the Rev. and Mrs. S. B. Goble who were going to the Bendigo Church.


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