1903 to 1911

History of Williamstown Baptist Church 1868 to 1968
Page 8: 1903 to 1911

7th MINISTRY—Rev. B. Hewison—4 years

He brought his fiancee with him and was married at the Williamstown Church. He entered upon a very strenuous ministry which continued for four years. A very pathetic feature at the commencement of Mr. Hewison’s pastorate was the death of Mr. Whitney’s eldest son, Herbert, a few weeks after his father’s death.

Mr. Hewison received and accepted his call and entered upon the pastoral charge at the beginning of July 1904.

Mr. Hewison gave himself to the work of the ministry at Williamstown with a wholehearted zeal, paying special attention to the pastoral side of the work in visitation. Every department of work in the Church made steady progress, and a good number of people were received into fellowship during Mr. Hewison’s term, Important alterations to the Church building were effected, and the fine new School Hall, with classrooms was erected.

During the building alterations services reverted to the Temperance Hall.

Secretary Sinclair records

Mr. Hewison was an active and attentive visitor and a searching evangelical Preacher and secured a large number of conversions and the Church made very substantial progress, the Sunday School building was erected and the whole work consolidated.

Mr. Hewison was supported by a zealous consecrated diaconate and a happy Church life was enjoyed during his ministry.

A very pressing call to Peterburg, South Australia, induced him to resign the Pastorate.

8th MINISTRY—Rev. J. C. Martin—2nd August, 1908 to March, 1911

The Rev. J. C. Martin, who had iust returned from New Zealand, followed Mr. Hewison and commenced his Pastorate in August 1908. About this time the Church suffered considerably by the removal from the town of several families, some of which included many prominent workers. This was a great loss to the Church and its many activities.

Secretary, J. Sinclair, a Deacon for 22 years and Secretary for 18 years, resigned by March 1909, and shortly afterwards removed to Auburn. Mr. W. Rogers then became Secretary and Mr. H. G. Bradshaw, Treasurer.

A young people’s Guild was formed during, this period which helped to link many with the life of the Church. In March 1911 Rev. J. C. Martin accepted a call to the Canterbury Church.

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