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  1. steve seitzinger says:

    Looking for effective ministry and inner healing from dissociative issues. Is that available at your facility. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania (Pottsville). I have not been able to experience freedom in spite of previous ministry locally. Feel led to keep pursuing healing until I am free. I understand the demands of ministry, so if you are unable to help that’s OK. But could you please let me know that up front, so I can continue to look for the appropriate people that would co-labor with Christ to help me. Thank you for reply and any feedback you you have would be greatly appreciated. Blessings in Christ.

  2. Studying your model and recognize that it is a step in a great direction away from learning about to learning to develop relationship.

    We are on an Indian reservation in Montana. Seeking to see the effects of the new wineskin emerge for the First Nations peoples.

    The seed core of the fabic of the new wineskin God has released.( I believe) has come by way of the re- translation of the Bible or what we see as fixing the mistakes of the English, Roman, Greek and some of the Hebrew cultural transliterations that have historically enabled God to fulfill his promise to scatter his tribes around the globe.( see site attatched)

    Now it appears that he is dealing with the nations as he positions them closer to the marriage feast.

    I know that you all will be led by the Holy Spirit pertaining to this site and what has been shared.

    One of the things in the natural we see is the recent removal of the Doctrines of Discovery from the Australian nations foundation. These doctrines( read decrees and KJ bibles distributed) were responsible for the founding nations subjecting all creation to the effects of the powers as Paul describes in Romans.



    Garry Umphress

    One of the most amazing

  3. jo bothma says:

    I have been provided with your details by Charles kraft when I contacted him with respect to my desire to increase my knowledge and training in the area of inner healing. I am a clinical psychologist by training and am located in South australia. He suggested that I make contact with you for advice on possible avenues that may be available to me within Australia, particularly South Australia if you are aware of any.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jo Bothma

  4. Miranda says:


    I’m interested in doing some training in Healing Prayer Ministey. Could you please forward me the details of the next course you will be running?



  5. Holger Bliwenitz& family Elisa,Ty,John,Matt Amaya says:

    Please pray for deliverance from the darkness to the LIGHT FOR ME AND MY FAMILY we are not sure of our salvation.Hearts are weak.The spirits seem week,eyes and ears to hear.LIFE IN THE LORD>JESUS BE REAL NOT TOO LATE TO BE SAVED>HELP US DELIVERANCE FROM OPPRESSION<FEAR<ILLNESSNOT ANIMOSITY OR DARKNESS>OBEDIENCE AND LIFE IN THE LIGHT CHRIST HELP>

  6. Karen says:

    Do you have prayer for the sick that are not in your area?

  7. Linda Kopans says:

    Hi Diana, I have tried to call George’s daughters Teresa and Candice – however they are not answering the phone. I am so sorry, I had asked my colleague Loreto who I ‘job share’ with to organise this on Monday and it hasn’t been done.
    I will gather some information on George’s life when I start work at Lionsville this afternoon – I understand if you do not want to do the service.
    Apologies, Linda.

  8. Rev. Bert Dellosa says:

    Hi Di.
    The Altona-Laverton Council of Churches is again presenting Christmas Carols at Logan Reserve in Altona 11 Dec this year. We normally use the stage which we believe is now looked after by the Hobsons Bay Churches Group. Is it possible for us to lease the stage again this year, and what would be the arrangement/requirements for the use.
    With every blessings.
    Rev. Bert Dellosa
    Uniting Church-Altona

  9. Geoff Smith says:

    New kids book – 12 parables of Jesus told in contemporary kid friendly language
    Details at the web site

  10. Good morning Sir/Madam
    We would like to invite Charles Kraft to speak at our church/ministry when next he visits Melbourne. Could you please give me a contact address where I can ask him directly, or do you do his bookings?
    We are currently training 30+ prayer ministers/intercessors and would like to hear from Charles himself as well as reading his books.
    Thank you for your help
    Gerredina Kovac – Elder Catch the Fire Church

  11. Pastor Angel Díaz says:

    Dear colleague.
    I am a brother of Cuba. My current profession is a university professor of mechanical engineering. But in public life I am pastor of a Christian community of Reformed Baptist reflection. I have about 27 years, married. I am writing because I found this web address.
    I would like to maintain communication given their experience with you. I think your experience may be helpful to us.
    Blessings. 2 Corinthians 4.7-18.

  12. Rees says:

    Greetings from America.
    We are looking to find a private, Baptist school in Australia.
    Would you know of any?
    Would you have a website for one?

    I realize (realise as Aussies spell the word) that we are strangers.
    However, being so far from Australia, we truly need outside help.


  13. Sarah Dempsey says:

    Hi there,
    I am doing some family history research and I have discovered some of my ancestors were married in your church in 1884. I see you’ve done a great job with all the history of your church so I am hoping perhaps you also have the registers from those days? If so, would I be able to come and look at them?

    Thank you for your time, Sarah

  14. Clay Powell says:

    Williamstown Baptist Church c/o Diana Dow,
    I represent a evangelical charity organisation for primary aged children who are disadvantaged, abused and neglected that live in the Housing Commission Flats in Melbourne.
    The charity is called Operation Stitches and is doing fantastic work with our ‘leaders and adults of tomorrow’.
    I have just recently volunteered my services to help Patrick and Chris Templeton (the founders) reconnect with past partners and sponsors of the organisation.
    I have been informed that Williamstown Baptist Church have made donations to Operation Stitches in the past.

    I would like to organise a meeting where I could meet an elder or anyone in missions/charity to introduce myself and our charity organisation.
    Please note this is just an introduction and it depends on God’s leading if there is a partnership to be formed.

    I would appreciate if someone could contact me via email or on the following mobile number:
    M: 0405 595 540

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    God Bless,
    Clay Powell

  15. Rebekah says:

    Hello Dianna,
    I have lost your phone number and need
    a confirmation that you are able to see my client
    in Mildura.
    Can you please call me again or send me an email

  16. Nicole Delaney says:

    Hi, I tried to reach you on the phone
    You gave me an appointment (Di Dow) I thought was for today, but probably it is for June 29th,
    can you book for more appointment after the next one, you have given me, because with the dissociation and broken parts, I need constantly regularly appointment to be healed.

    If my next appointment is the 29th of June at 11;30 am ,please can you book me every Friday at 11;30 am



  17. David Gaul says:

    Hi there

    David Gaul here from Altona Baptist Church.

    I was wondering if anyone within your congregation may be interested in a visit to Nepal and a trek to Mt Everest Base Camp?
    I have been there 5 times and am now organising and leading trips to there. (God has given me the skill and the passion to do this)

    I’d love to include within my next group some God loving Christians to share this wonderful country with. People who, like me will appreciate and be thankful to God for providing us this place.

    Given my small community within the Altona church is just (currently) the wrong age demographic to participate in such an adventure, I am now extending this invitation out to some of the other Churches in the area.

    If you think anyone may be interested, my website is

    Thanks, and God bless.

    Altona Baptist Church.
    0417 388 404

  18. Abednego says:

    Do you have prayer for the sick that are not in your area?

  19. Joanna Grant says:

    Hi, I am in England and deeply longing to find someone here who is trained and experienced in the anazao way of ministry. I have contacted Anazao and they do not know of anyone in the UK who has this experience. I am just wondering if you do – maybe someone who has trained over in Australia with you and has since moved to England? Ever hopeful maybe, but I thought it worth at least asking. I am a Christian who has been almost immobilised from functioning by what I am told are severe dissociative symptoms…… Kind Regards, JOanna

  20. Frances Inguanti says:

    Hi Mal / Di I have been given your details from the Zangari family (Leon & Jayden), my sister, Sonia is in desperate need of spiritual healing – situation is getting desperate. My number is 0414 603 271. Much appreciated. Fran

  21. Arlene Jackson says:

    God Bless you all!

    I thank God for you and all those that has been given the grace to minister to those suffering with D.I.D. I am one of them. I need help, I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. God led me to this truth about D.I.D in 2010 and whoever I talked to about it just told me it was schizophrenia or to get over my past and not let the Devil play with your mind. I have been in a deliverance (Apostolic) church for 10 years and have gone through much deliverances, I welcomed it. However, I was basically told that I won’t let go of my past and therfore I have an Arrested Developed Spirit and I’m of no real use to God.

    I’m not in a Church now and have somewhat backslidden.

    I’m desperately trying to understand this truth that God has revealed but need help.

    Please I’m very afraid that I won’t fulfill my spiritual destiny if I’m not whole or at least in the process. When I was in Churches I do well for a time then I would fall into a horrible cycle of defeat and fear. I was a leader (Deaconess) at my Church and was sat down several times because I would draw back alot or fall into a cycle of lustful thinking and Masterbation (sexual abuse victim) at unpredictable times.

    Yes I have spoken the Word of God over my life concerning these areas and it would last a while but not for long.

    Please know that I do Love Jesus and want to please him but I feel paralized in my walk. Thank you for listening and if there is anything you or anyone you know can do to help me, i would be very grateful and thankful.

    Your Sister and fellow labor in Christ

  22. joshua says:

    Dear Brother/Sister,
    I am a born again and i am very interested in learning your course and to be able to have a intimacy with GOD.
    Thank you
    God bless you

  23. Loren Smith-Loncaric says:

    Hi there I have given you my personal address as it is not about Wintringham but its about my daughter who is planning on marrying in May. I just wondered if you know a celebrant or a very casual person who would marry my daughter and my soon son in law in a restaurant in Brunswick. She would love a person who is happy and good with people of all types. Somebody like yourself I dare say. I hope you may have someone in mind if not please inform me and I will keep looking. Kind regards Loren

  24. Anita says:


    I would dearly love an opportunity to meet with you – I have a similar idea about small groups meeting informally and would so appreciate hearing your background story in more depth.

    Love and blessings to you in Christ

  25. Hello,
    We have been using Two Hours to Freedom by Charles Kraft for our prayer ministry at our Baptist Church in South Australia.
    Do you find after leading prayer ministry that you can feel quite drained & exhausted need to go and take a long walk outside in nature to feel refreshed again. Also it is very hard with complex cases to get them through ministry in 2 hours.
    It definitely is warfare.
    Interested in your comment

  26. Alina says:

    Good evening, please you pray for my friend Gabriela for rescue and freeing. She urgently needs God’s touch and freeing. Thanks to them. God’s blessing

  27. Dale says:

    I’m a survivor of ritual abuse in Virginia, USA. I have not had any luck connecting to a fellowship of Christians who understand this. Plus, I have anxiety from all the abuse and so find it hard to be around people, so going to church has been tricky. Can you refer me to someone in the United States who is helpful? Please RSVP. Thanks.

  28. Kara says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Kara and I am keen to receive some healing ministry for dissociation and whatever else is needed:) I’ve been trained by Peter Toth in Dissociation, but unless I receive some myself in this area, I won’t feel comfortable to start ministering in it! 🙂


  29. Diana says:

    Hi my name is Diana.
    I am a Baptist who is looking to go to church. I would also like a tour of you’re church if possible this week.May you contact me via email or contact me on 0412 496 201.

  30. Rev.Premdas Reuben says:

    Praise the Lord,

    Dear brother in Christ,

    This is Rev. Premdas Reuben from India,

    Brother I would like to know the Sunday Service timings because i want to join in the Fellowship with you.i came to visit my daughter and son-in-law in Victoria, Melbourne. And want to attend the Sunday service fellowship or any other services.

    i am attaching my details brother.

    Please let me know or call him – 0479116366.

    God Bless You.

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