Williamstown Baptist Church is a network of simple, organic, and house churches, meeting independently in a number of places and at various times.

Periodically they come together for fellowship, encouragement, training and equipping. These gatherings currently take place at Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, which is a resource for, and acts as the hub of, the network.

2 Responses to Church

  1. Carol Tennant says:

    Dear Diana,
    Firstly, Happy New Year, to both of you & trust it will be filled with many blessings
    Secondly, I hope this email is not for public viewing
    Thirdly, I am sending this email because you will not be back from your cruise, till the 25th January. I will not be returning to KYB, I need a breather to sort things out, also I am no longer attending church, but I’m sure I will see you around the traps & I will call in to see you
    Blessings in Christ as we go into the New Year
    Luv, in Him

  2. Steven says:

    I am a believer who is living in the Western suburbs. I am interested in attending the Friday night gatherings and some of your services. Where do I turn up etc. I see the structure of the group is being changed.


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