This is the new Beth Tephillah website

The conversion of the Beth Tephillah website, using WordPress as a content management system is finally complete. Now the content itself needs to be edited and updated.

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  1. Hi, Referred to you by a mutual friend Peter Bergen. We are Pastors in South Australia who run Watchman Ministries Inc in South Australia. We work with child and adult survivors of early childhood abuse, as well as those exiting from cult and occult backgrounds. Our desire is to train and equip the body of Christ. To that end we provide Seminars, workshops and training to mobilize Christians to effect release for those that are imprisoned and bound through a process we call Isaiah 61 Restoration Ministries. We also address areas on Advanced Spiritual Warfare. Our website will provide further information If we can be of assistance we can be contacted by email, phone (08 827830850 or mobile (0414571158) Our blessings in Jesus name. David & Raelene Thompson

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