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Our KYB study of Psalms of mercy and hope reminds us, “It is good to praise the LORD” (Psalm 92:1) and, “declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples.” (Psalm 95:3). There are some good things happening at Beth Tephillah which are worth sharing:

When we returned to the KYB group in January, Heather did just that. She had been bursting to share with the ladies the good news, that just before Christmas her husband, Ray, had accepted Jesus. It encouraged other wives to continue praying that their husbands might too come to know the love of God for themselves.

We have been happy to welcome Ray to the gatherings on Friday evenings and he is obviously taking in a great deal as he makes comments and asks questions. This Friday we will celebrate his 78th birthday with him.

Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated 100 years on 31st January – not the church (we’re 140 now) – but Mal was 60 and Kev 40 in January, so they had a combined party. It was a bit of fun to start the year.

Last Friday night we were pleased to welcome Steve into membership. He’s endeared himself to us since he started coming last year. He’s already shown himself really good at washing dishes, and we’re discovering his other gifts as we get to know him better.

Before Easter Beth Tephillah is being used by one of the interchurch Lenten study groups. Great to be sharing with others of the Body of Christ in the Williamstown and Newport areas. Our facilitator is Peter Clark, the pastor from Newport Baptist Church. Peter’s also a CFA chaplain who has been involved in the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires. Many harrowing stories but also amazing deliverance, courage and generosity, showing that God is bringing good out of this most terrible devastation.

Having spent 2008 considering the glory of God and how we live to bring him glory and share his glory, we have begun to explore worship together on Friday nights. Using a Vineyard DVD to aid us we are wanting to learn how all of life becomes a spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:1).

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