KYB in 2007

Twenty-five ladies from seventeen different churches spent a great year in the Know Your Bible study in Williamstown. For some, the first study of the year – The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testament – brought them a deeper understanding of Who the Holy Spirit is, and how involved He was with the Father and the Son as the Godhead worked out our wonderful plan of salvation after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. He is the means by which we live our lives as followers of Jesus, just as Jesus, the Man filled with the Spirit, was able to obey His Father and fulfill the plan.

Then we considered More of God’s Women – Rebekah, Rahab, Abigail, Jehosheba, Lydia and Priscilla. Each in their different way taught us, some how ‘not’ to behave! How important each individual is, responding to the challenges of life and trusting God. He has a place for us all in His kingdom’s work.

Our final study, October – December, was of Psalms 73-89, entitled Psalms of Faithfulness. Honest, raw, faithfilled declarations of real human beings struggling with situations of trouble, injustice and difficulties of life. Through it all the Faithful God who can be trusted was seen.

We’re on holiday now until 31st January 2008 when we begin our next study, Ephesians. See the KYB page for more details.

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