Intimacy with God seminar

Intimacy with God is a huge topic and we felt we were just scratching the surface. The old books by mystics like Madame Guyon, St John of the Cross and Brother Lawrence have been joined by the current rush on the topic: John Bevere, Mike Bickle, Jim Goll, Tommy Tenney and Gary Oates and so many others have shown the deep hunger for more of God than so often we experience in our Christian lives.

We realise that time is a major factor in developing intimacy in any relationship. The more we spend time with someone, through the ordinary, as well as the special, events of life, the better we get to know them. Part of the Wikipedia definition of intimacy describes the intimacy shared by members of the Godhead: Intimacy is linked with feelings of closeness, safety, trust and
transparency among partners in a collaborative relationship.”
We are invited to join the Father, Son and Spirit in their relationship and share with others in the oneness in the body of Christ.

We explored the Why, the How and Obstacles to Intimacy with God and discovered helpful ways to grow in intimacy. How our God longs for us to draw near so that he can draw near to us.

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